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My motivation for doing the 7 Day life Change Program was simple: desperation! Life-long emotional problems had caused me to have huge amounts of debt; no idea of how I could pay them; chronic physical problems & frequent thoughts of death. I wanted some solutions! Within less than 3 months of completing the retreat the old issues that had tormented me for 40 years are no longer an issue;
If you’re not sure whether to do the retreat or not, do it!

— Andrew, Ireland

The mission of the Sacred Wellness Institute is to provide a space of healing and love where you can come and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. We want to partner with you in creating vibrant health, emotional well-being and radical aliveness. Our integrated life change programs which have been designed utilizing the latest research from the fields of nutrition, neuroscience, mindfulness, body psychotherapy, addiction recovery and therapeutic touch. We want to give you our support, deep attention, dedication and clinical expertise so that you can transform and live the life you were born to live. At the Sacred Wellness Institute we want to meet you right where you are and offer you the opportunity to revive, revitalize and feel radiantly alive.

“My god I cannot express in a paragraph the impact that these seven days has had on my life. I have been told by many people in lots of places that I need to love myself, that’s all well and good to say however sadly like many I need to be shown and my experience of the 7 Day life Change Program was that.

I found this program to be one of love, nurturance and care. I was awestruck by the compassion and wept the first night as I was so moved by the compassion of the team. Apart from enjoying daily massage and many other treatments, I have stopped smoking , I have converted to a raw vegan diet, I have lost weight and gained energy, physically I have never felt or looked so clean and healthy.

The 7 Day life Change Program is just that A Life Changing experienced; The Team hold a safe and beautiful space along with the other generous facilitators. It was like a comfort blanket that I never want to take off and have found a great aftercare support so that I may bring this gift into my day to day life, don’t think about it, just do it, I wish my experience and all I have gained upon everyone, we deserve it!! Despite what we may think we all deserve love, understanding, compassion and unity.”

—- Tara Nixon O’ Neil

Beautiful Bali

You Are Unique.

Anahata ResortWe believe in abundance and know that the body’s whole nervous system is much more likely to unwind and let go when surrounded by warmth, comfort, consistent support as well as the soothing power of nature. Bali itself is know as the island of the Gods and is an energetic vortex which facilitates deep healing. She is filled with temples and sacred sites leaving one feeling enchanted and expanded. Come and celebrate life on an island surrounded by coral reefs and lined with beautiful beaches while soaking up the tropical sunshine.

Anahata ResortAccommodation: This is an All Inclusive luxury retreat. Each villa at Anahata encompasses 300 plus square-meters and has three floors.

Additional features include: * Master suite located on the third floor * Living room, dining room, and kitchenette located on the second floor * Two guest bedrooms located on the first floor * Separate baths adjoining each bedroom * Private plunge pool and 200 square-meter private garden * In addition, these villa accommodations in Bali feature the following amenities: + Air conditioning in the living room and each bedroom + Bathtub in the master suite + Coffee and tea-making facility in kitchenette + Satellite television with premium channels + CD player, DVD player, and X-box + Individual safe deposit box + 220 volt electricity

We look forward to designing a program to meet your unique needs. Please get in touch and after discussing your unique needs, we will be able to send you a quote for your individualised program


“I have had a wonderful experience on my second 7 Day life Change Program with you and your amazing team. I have been on Retreats in well known places around the world, but yours beats them all – hands down! What is different about your Life Change Program is that it is done with soul – a very rare commodity indeed. Every detail was taken care of by your amazing team of what I called Angels.

Before going on the 7 Day life Change Program I was overworking and overeating. I just couldn’t stop either! As soon as I arrived, I began to relax. I just LOVED the amazing massages and the yoga and meditation. This time I went to the group therapy group sessions and really benefited from them. When I had the live blood cell analysis done on the last day I was thrilled to learn that my adrenal stress level had significantly reduced from the time of the first Retreat. I also lost a few pounds of weight, and am continuing to eat more healthily since coming home.

I want to say an enormous thanks  to Nigel, to Stephanie, and to Darren, Damian, Declan, Anji, Des, Peter, Ruby, Steven, Ciara, and the others whose names I do not recall. You are an amazing group of Good Guys! Thank You All!
— Rita H.

Bali Rice Fields


Your Wellness Team includes:

StephNigel McFarland is a master healer and holistic health consultant. His vast training includes Colon hydrotherapy, Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Indian herbalism and Nutritional alchemy. He is currently based in Ubud, Bali where he creates individualized detox and rejuvenation programs for clients along with running residential retreats around the globe.

His experience and expertise has been built over the past 15 years beginning with running clinics in Sri Lanka and then in Dublin, Ireland. He went on to co-create and co-direct the Hippocrates Europe Health Institute. Nigel is very passionate about the work he does which includes holding space for deep emotional release and transformation. He feels called to be of service in this work of holding, supporting and walking people into their lost parts of self, taking them back home to their heart again. His gifts include holding a very safe space where people express feeling fully heard, seen, and held. Through the trust which is cultivated, what surfaces is the beautiful gift of letting go on all levels.

StephStephanie O’Connor began her journey by studying the western medical model in University College Dublin while spending time carrying out research at drug treatment centres in Ireland. She then decided to dive into the study of Eastern medicine and went on to graduate from a a four year program in Energy Medicine at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida. This is a licensed university for the study of the Human Energy Field, hands-on-healing, and Transpersonal Psychology. As a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Stephanie draws from over 85 specific techniques in working with the Human Energy-Consciousness System using light touch to clear energetic blocks and to enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities. She also graduated from a 3 year training in Somatic Experiencing. This is an effective, non-invasive, yet powerful, step by step approach for resolving trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress. She specialises in supporting people who are struggling with eating disorders and body image issues having trained at the National Centre for Eating disorders in the U.K. She is an Universal Tao associate instructor, having graduated from intensive training in Chiang Mai Thailand. She is a certified yoga teacher and movement meditation dance facilitator. She has spent long periods of time on meditation retreats in Burma, Thailand and India. She deeply enjoys accompanying people on their journey of self-discovery so that they can unleash their full potential and feel fully alive!

Dr. PeggyDr. Peggy Marienfeld is a German trained homeopath and naturopath, who ran a busy clinic in Frankfurt for 16 years before relocating to Bali 8 years ago.
“By combining contemporary and traditional approaches, our treatments often give much better results than orthodox medicine.We take interrelated physical and emotional problems into account, and have been able to cure previously insurmountable health issues. We can deal with nearly all symptoms without resorting to strong drugs, even those where the doctors say antibiotics are the only option. Many of our patients had been led to believe there was no solution for their problems when, in fact, we were able to help them. Obviously, there are limits to what we can do. But usually our methods work amazingly well.”

MichaelMichael Tamlin’s passion for maintaining balance in life continues to keep him on his toes – in a good way. Michael takes a holistic approach to his personal journey of balancing mind, body, and spirit, and he joyfully shares his experience. He earned his Master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA, USA.
As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, he found that his clients continuously presented the effects of their unresolved early childhood traumas. His passion for unlocking these traumas led him to training in several different modalities that greatly aid in helping his clients return to their true self. Among these include: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Experiencing (SE), and the repatterning of prenatal and perinatal birth trauma imprinting. What Michael brings to each session is informed from this wealth of trainings, from his meditation practice, from his yoga practice, from his quest for learning, and his love of having fun. Michael facilitates a deep meeting with one’s own self so that a deeper meeting with another is possible.

NNicky icky Kassapian is an Advanced Craniosacral therapist, a Reiki master and practitioner, an Avatar master, a personal coach, mentor and retreat facilitator. Nicky has been running her private practice in centres in Bali Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore since 2000 and works by distance with clients around the world.The work Nicky facilitates encompasses all aspects of a person; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, allowing consciousness to become more aware of itself as existence. For many, a session is profoundly transformational, a healing of the body, mind and soul.
Nicky works from a place of stillness, drawing upon various modalities, life experience and teachings, to best address issues, supporting each individual she works with, on their unique journey.Over the course of our lives we all experience events, circumstances and at times, defining moments of change, on the inner and external realms. This can challenge our sense of who we be and where we are going. It can then show up in some of the following ways. A feeling of being out of alignment and disconnected from ourselves, from others, from where we are going and with our life on a spirit level. A misalignment in the physical structure may occur, a bad back, stiff neck, irregular cycles and such like. In the mental and emotional bodies, indications may include stress, burnout, lethargy, personal dilemmas, relationship issues or grief.
Blue Light Energy Healing maybe what you need to navigate your spiral of life. The powerful combination of modalities enables a deep letting go of that which no longer serves and results in a realignment of the entire system. The centres are balanced and activated, creating greater unity, awareness and presence overall.

HarrisonHarrison Rappaport joins the team from lovely Berkeley, California. Energy healer, bodyworker, devoted student of Vajrayana Buddhism; Harrison blends movement and touch with traditional Eastern spirituality to facilitate passionate, joyful living. He has training in multiple modalities of energetic healing, and is a current student at the esteemed Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Harrison is also a certified massage practitioner; his favorite technique is deep-tissue work, though he can also offer Swedish massage. Additionally, he has experience teaching meditation both one-on-one and in a retreat setting. Drawing from a wide base of knowledge and personal experience spanning Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, Advaita Vedanta, and Native American spirituality, plus modern psychology and movement practices, Harrison is able to offer personalized guidance on the inner path. His lighthearted, soulful approach to teaching inspires enthusiasm and restores the proper juiciness to spiritual work. Sometimes, Harrison loves to eat mangoes with his hands, dance madly, and laugh hysterically. Other times, you might find him meditating alone in the forest. His mission is to live as an expression of vibrant wholeness and awakening, and brighten up the world as much as he can.


Watsu KingDubbed the “Watsu king of Bali” Michael is widely respected in his field by trainers, practitioners, and clients alike.

For Michael his first experience of aquatic bodywork was “love at first float” when he discovered a quality of presence and peace he’d never known. In 1996, after this experience and other personal revelations gained through yoga and the healing arts, he left his native California forever. Since then his studies and work have taken him around the world, where has called Spain, India, Thailand, and Bali, home.

Since 2003 he has worked intensively with such renowned healing centers such as Chivasom Thailand, Golden Door Australia, and Fivelements Bali, honing his skills in bodywork, energy healing, and teaching yoga and meditation. Now after years of study and practice, he approaches healing and spirituality as a way of life.

Michael finds himself most at home when in the water. It is only natural that his talents as a therapist combined with his playful, sensual nature find their perfect expression in the water with aquatic bodywork. This profoundly relaxing therapy nurtures a transcendental connection with self and Source.

WatsuMichael now dedicates himself to leading meditation retreats around the world, and teaching his favorite style of aquatic bodywork, “Healing Dance”, wherever there is a pool or a warm puddle.

His mission: share the peace he has discovered, and Watsu the world.


Sarah ElizabethSarah Elizabeth has a B.A. in Integrated Physiology and in Psychology, has been practicing yoga for nine years and teaching for four.  In her practice she is constantly exploring the depths of yoga and how it applies to every aspect of the intricacies of life. She is forever a student, in a constant state of learning and deepening her understanding of yoga whenever the chance arrises.  In her teaching, Sarah shares her knowledge of the body and and the practice in a warm, loving, and safe manner, drawing on the wide variety of teachings she has been blessed to receive throughout her journey with yoga all over the world. She spreads the knowledge of her teachers in a manor suitable for yogis of all stages, using the body and the breath as tools to uncover the deeper teachings. In addition to being trained in teaching yin, hatha, vinyasa, and ashtanga, Sarah also has studied prenatal yoga.

Also joining us is a very talented team of chefs, yoga teachers of various styles, aromatherapists, herbalists, therapists and bodyworkers from around the world. Please email us at for information on our other staff members.

We are delighted to be able to offer you this outstanding program and hope that you will gift yourself with this week of deep rejuvenation and transformation.

If you feel like now is your time to step back and recalibrate, please email us with any questions or requests.

If you would prefer to talk in person, we can set up a time to Skype or you can call Stephanie directly at: +62 81238850994.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Testimonials From Previous Participants:

Hi i am Anne Marie, i went on my first retreat in Aug 2010, and i have done six retreats since then, as the feelings of love, acceptance, compassion and non judgement keep drawing me back, and my personal development and increased awareness are growing constantly.I have been bringing my teenage daughter along since my first retreat and she loves them.

When I arrived on my first retreat i felt very apprehensive about doing this for a week, I was very stressed, uptight, and drained of energy but I soon melted when I was greeted with a hug and a very warm welcome from Nigel, Stephanie and the rest of the team . I was given a shot of wheat grass and green juice and this was my first introduction to raw food. It was a pleasant surprise. I soon started to thaw out as i felt very welcomed and comfortable around them. I hadn’t realized the extent of stress that i was feeling , and how it was a part of my everyday life, until the end of the week when i felt like a different person and I have never looked back .

I left looking and feeling great, my eyes looked fantastic from all the organic alkaline based food , and i felt great and so relaxed. I had gone down a dress size, plus i had healed a lot of deep wounds as i released suppressed emotions. I feet so much lighter and happier in myself. It was a life changing experience to be among such compassionate gifted expert healers .Feeling so cared for, gave me the drive to look at my life and continue on my path of personal development with a aim to find inner peace and feel happier and have more joy in my life.
— AnneMarie Lynam

This is definately a life-changing opportunity. It’s what I had been looking for for many years. I had done courses in Australia, America, Canada…everywhere! I had found myself in pretty bad health, and doctors were no longer helping me.I could not accept that there was nothing to be done . I had a hunch that there were some blocks within my body that may be contributing to my state of health. My nutrition was pretty poor, my energy very low, and lots of withheld emotions.

Its one of the most soul nuturing plaices I have ever visited. As I arrived one of the coordinators carried my luggage to my room and made me feel like a princess. There was Nigel who was also very loving and caring and this created a beautiful atmosphere for healing right from the very start of my journey. The baths and massages daily from unique skilled therapists were great for re-conditioning the body .The dancing at 7.30 in morning was great craic and exercise and what an awsome view out those windows dancing pure bliss !!! The raw organic food was so healty tasted nice and looked like a work of art.The building was stunning and had a lovely cosy atmosphere especialy with the big open fire in the sitting room where everyone sat around chatting and relaxing in the evening drinking the famous real herbal teas.

The process of the life change program was soulfully amazing expierience for me personaly it was a little tough at times to to release old hurts but truely life changing and soul mending .I having being to other retreats but personaly believe I will not find another to be equal in the honesty, integrity and most of all the amazing compassion that I received during the retreat..My children and myself are so gratefull and feel blessed for how this positive expierence has helped us .
— Audrey Byrne

I had initially decided to join the 7 Day life Change Program for a week of solitude seeking to refocus my intentions in life. I ended up fulfilling this wish while also willingly immersing myself in the company of the most beautiful and compassionate people I have ever met. The week helped nourish and heal my inner being on so many levels while also inspiring me to discover my true essence. The support and love that emanated throughout the week is indescribable and on a level I had believed lost in humanity. I can’t help but feel it has changed my whole life and the direction it continues to flow in.

There was a real sense of solidarity and the idea that one is not alone truly opens a new found trust and belief in the choices you make for your life and health. If there is one thing that I learnt and that I will carry with me; that is, love is all..
— Aine Ni Dhomhnaill

I decided to do the 7 Day life Change Program in October 2010 so that I could learn more about the benefits of raw food for healthy nutrition. Also, through the combination of healthy eating and massage therapy, I wanted to help improve a tendon problem I had in some of my fingers. I found the 7 days to be nurturing and uplifting. One of the elements of the retreat was Group Work. While I found the Group Work to be very challenging at times, I found that the facilitator team of Darren, Nigel and Stephanie worked together extremely well to help me and everyone else in the group to work through whatever challenges they encountered. I certainly felt much better having done this work and I saw significant shifts in other participants as they worked through their own challenges. I would strongly recommend this retreat for anyone who is serious about taking a fresh look at nutrition and at challenges that they may be facing in their lives.
— Peter Mohan, Director, Phoenix Change Consulting

I had been suffering from a particularly severe Crohn’s disease flare up for over 6 months and was at wits end with it when I got a mail regarding the 7 Day life Change Program. I immediately signed up having had some experience in the area & knowing that I needed this to focus all my time and energy into getting healthy & well again. I cannot recommend this course or these people highly enough. Each day brought renewed health and energy due to regular yoga, meditation & delicious nutritious raw food. The people running this retreat do it for all the right reasons & everything is done with care & love but also with a sense of fun which made the whole experience enjoyable beyond what I could ever have hoped for. I have continued on the path to good health since, the start of this process I owe entirely to these people, I could not have done it on my own.

Thank you x
— Allan Coffey

Hi My name is Audrey Habington and I went on the 7 Day life Change Program in May 2010. Before going on the retreat I didn’t really know what to expect however my aim was to connect with my spirituality again. I really went into the Life Change program with an open mind and it exceeded my expectations. I had such a wonderful time and met so many wonderful people. I really felt educated when I returned home. I had lovely treatments done on me and I felt rejuvenated when I came home. I would recommend this retreat to anyone; it was an amazing experience that I will always hold with me.

— Audrey Habington

I have a serious illness and have been going an alternative route for many years now. I have done several of these 7 Day life Change Programs. I keep coming back for more, because the benefits they have made to my life are enormous. The support and quality of care I have received was always exceptional. Their approach is WHOLE, which means they cover and address all the aspects of our beings, – which is essential to achieve true and comprehensive healing. Moroever, the care and love, is delivered sincerely and heartfeltedly. It would be a dream for someone like me, with a very serious illness, to be able stay in a place like this for an extended period. I think it is a great shame that this mode of care and addressing addiction / illness is not available in the conventional system.
— Violet Flame

The Sacred Wellness Team
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